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In 1962 Jose Hernandez reached the shores of America from his native Cuba with little more than the clothes on his back and a dream of owning his own business. Mr. Hernandez performed a variety of jobs as he worked towards his dream. Several of these jobs were with cleaning companies where he learned there was a tremendous and growing need for quality carpet and floor cleaning services. Mr. Hernandez approached his then employer with a proposition to become an independent contractor in the special services department. Top notch supervision of these services had long been a problem as experience was hard to come by in the new and evolving industry. Over the next 26 years Jose built a reputation for quality and customer service that always has his personal guarantee.

Jose's son Frank worked part time with his father during school years and joined the firm full time after high school. Working literally from the ground up, In 1988 Frank decided to take his father's lead one step further and founded Preferred Building Services Inc., as a full services janitorial company. From the beginning Frank insisted the organization pride itself on reliability and service excellence, backed all by his personal guarantee.

Over the next 20 years Preferred expanded its operating areas and scope of services throughout the Eastern United States. Today Preferred provides a variety of building services to a growing group of loyal customers. Cleaning over 20 million square feet on a daily basis of office buildings, industrial areas, retail shops, and institutional facilities.


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