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At Preferred, safety is one of our greatest concerns and highest priorities. In order to maximize safety, Preferred has developed a rigorous safety awareness program in compliance with OSHA governmental requirements. All Preferred employees undergo extensive training to ensure the highest of safety standards are met and exceeded.

In general, an important part of Preferred's ongoing safety awareness effort is the development of lists of regulations specific to a particular employee's work routine. These regulations serve to relate general safety rules to the employee's immediate experience in order to heighten individual awareness.

Due to the extremely wide variety of cleaning chemicals used in the building maintenance industry and because effective and economical maintenance depends on their proper application, most materials safety regulations are concerned with chemicals. Preferred supervisors train employees to be particularly aware of the proper applications, handling, and precautions when using even the most basic of chemicals.

Enforcement of safety rules is primarily a matter of effective education. To set a good example for employee attitudes and habits, top management and supervisory personnel know and believe in the rules - and enforce them.

Preferred believes continuous observation is the best way to ensure staff people comply with safety procedures in carrying out their work routines. For this reason, members of Preferred's Quality Control staff visit building sites for safety inspections on a regular basis.

For further information on our extensive safety program please contact our Corporate Headquarters.


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