Preferred personnel policies are designed to promote the well-being and motivation of its workforce. We strive to maintain a high level of employee satisfaction through employee incentives and recognition programs. We also offer above-average wages for each job category in order to attract and retain the best workers in the industry. Each employee is thoroughly trained in proper cleaning techniques, company policies on conduct, and safety practices. The results of our policies have been a low turnover rate – only one-third of the industry average. Having such a low turnover allows for a more consistent and stable cleaning crew, one our customers have come to know and rely upon.

Preferred’s executive management personnel are building service professionals and at the top of their field. The pay plan for the executive staff is based on customer satisfaction and retention; therefore, as the company grows, so do the financial rewards for our executives. This pay plan allows us to recruit and retain some of the best management talent available, and it has also allowed us to keep the ‘person’ in the personal guarantee.

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