quality Assurance

Every Preferred service program is backed by an industry-leading Quality Control Program. When our quality management and implementation mechanism is in operation, there’s project oversight happening at all levels–from top executive involvement, project coordination with the customer, and on down the line to the actual service worker. Quality is visibly embedded in our organizational and functional services culture. 

Our Quality Plan includes a detailed description of the Preferred methodology, in order to ensure that our staff performs to the highest possible standards. These standards are based on contractual specifications and our maximum allowable defect rate.  The goal of our quality system is to reduce the maximum allowable defect rates even further, allowing us to reach complete internal and external service integrity.  

Beyond this, each account is assigned a senior-level executive to serve as its account executive. This account executive will inspect the facility on a regular basis, confirming adherence to the commitments Preferred makes to its customer. The account executive will also work to develop a sound basis of communication and understanding with the customer. This ensures that we not only meet their expectations, but we surpass them.

Our Quality Plan is comprehensive and logical, including acceptable quality levels, an administrative electronic reporting system, and provisions for establishing maximum allowable defect rates. All of this is in place to monitor productivity in our employee teams, performance indicators, and quality control checklists.

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